Premiered on ESPN on October 11, 2011
Re-Aired on ABC on January 14, 2012

What people are saying about ETL

I'm a 24 year old male from Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a keen sports fan and have always been interested in the field of sports recruitment and furthermore, sports/player management. Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. I managed to see the documentary "The Dotted Line" on ESPN broadcasted here in Australia. I took a particular interest in ETL and your professionalism and enthusiasm in operating your business. Not only this, I was intrigued by the differences in US player management compared to how it is approached in Australian professional sport.
I just finished watching "The Dotted Line" and wanted to commend you for your principle based approach. It's obvious that a lot of shady things go on in the world of sports agents, but you are a man of tremendous character who exemplifies all that is right in the world. If anyone were to hold a draft for NFL sports agents, you would be the #1 selection.
I just saw the 30 for 30 piece on ESPN, very impressed with the program as well as your company. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will be getting first-round talent to sign with you in no time! I also saw your speech on this very web site, fantastic stuff! I'm a huge NFL fan and I learned a lot about the behind the scenes work that has fascinated me for years! I don't normally send emails like this out of the blue, but I was blown away with ESPN's presentation, as well as how you represent ETL. Your spot on the show was by far the most interesting. Best of luck.
I watched the show on sports agents on ABC today. I have to say as a former college athlete I was very impressed by the "client family" atmosphere that your team displays. You guys came across as honorable, knowledgeable and just guys you'd like to have as your friends.I never made it to the pros but if I had gotten the opportunity, I would have loved to have had a team like yours on my side. It's all about loyalty and Mr. Lee, you and your team seemed totally loyal and honest to your clients.
Keep up the good work! It would be nice to just see companies outside of sports that had the same kind of work ethic that you guys have. My best to you....
I'm a producer with Jim Rome, on both his radio and TV shows, and I'm also an ND alum. I caught you in the ESPN doc the other night and wanted to get in touch. I really respect the way you handle your business and of course I'm thrilled to see a fellow Domer getting that kind of run. Congrats on your success and best wishes for the future.
As a fellow agent, I was very impressed with your portrayal on the show. I am proud to be in the profession with you. Keep up the great work and best of luck to you in the road ahead.
I just finished watching the ESPN Films documentary,"The Dotted Line," and I want to express to you how much I enjoyed hearing you recite scripture and keeping your client's spirits up with spiritual guidance. It pleases God to hear us give Him glory and to put our burdens at His feet. I pray for you and your agency, and I pray that you keep that perspective and continue to witness to your clients. I wish you the best of luck.
Hey Eugene I saw a short program of you, and thought man, this guy is awesome, I'm sure your job is difficult, dealing, and negotiating contracts, but all in all I believe what you do is great. And have inspired me to want to be a go getter. Peace my brother!
I watched your story on ESPN and I must say you are a class act amongst a business of some less than honest agents. It is honorable to see passion to help players that their life depends on your team's work. Of course we all work for a gain but your personal passion to help shows. Passion is the road to success.
I learned about ETL Associates Inc. while watching the ESPN feature directed by Morgan Spurlock,"The Dotted Line". Ever since I saw that documentary I have been following ETL Associates, I was really impressed by your mission and work ethic. I haven't seen a group of individuals that are more driven to succeed than this company. This company gives its clients the best there is in order to put them in a great position for the present and future.